Metharath University Shine at the 6th International Conference in Bangkok!

*🌟 Metharath University Shine at the 6th International Conference in Bangkok! 🌟*“`
President of Metharath University, Assoc. Prof. Zhou Fei, along with an outstanding team including Dr. Chayanan, Director of IRCC, and Mr. Alaxi, Director of the Language Institute. Taking center stage at the 6th International Conference on Management, Education and Emerging Technology, held on December 29, 2023 in the bustling city of Bangkok, Thailand 🎓, the esteemed president and his enthusiastic team Shares deep insights into Metharath University’s academic trends, focusing on innovation and cutting-edge contributions in the fields of management, education and emerging technology.
💡 Dr. Chayanan, who has been praised for her expertise as Director of IRCC, brought a wealth of knowledge to the conference. Shedding light on groundbreaking research and international collaboration.
🌐 Mr. Alaxi, director of the language institute with vision Come share your valuable perspective on the intersection of language education and new technologies. It demonstrates Metharat University’s commitment to an interdisciplinary approach to education.
The 6th International Conference is a forum for discussion. exchange ideas and explore the latest academic trends. Metharath University plays an important role in enhancing the academic discourse at this global event through its eminent representatives.
Stay tuned for more updates as Metharath University continues to make waves on the international stage. It reinforces our dedication to academic innovation and excellence!